Replacement Micro-Filter For French Press


Sale price$19.95

Need a new micro-filter for your Coffee French Press P3/P5/P6/P7 because one of the filter baskets got lost or damaged? (We hate it when that happens!) We stock parts for our French presses to get you going again.

  • SIZED RIGHT: Measure the diameter of your micro-filter to see which replacement size you need (Pro tip: These aren't meant for our Travel Coffee Press P1 or Ultralight Coffee Press P0)
  • VACUUM SEAL PRESS SYSTEM: Pressing the plunger down stops extraction immediately so your brew always tastes great (and never gets bitter)
  • PATENTED DOUBLE MICRO-FILTER: Two filters trap all the grit and sludge for ultra-smooth coffee every single time
  • If your ESPRO French Press has gotten harder to press over time, you may just need to clean your filters instead of replacing them. Check out our Deep Clean formula first (we recommend soaking them at least monthly).
  • Made in China