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Fresh Grounds

Let's Break New Ground
At ESPRO groundbreaking innovation is part of our DNA. A ground breaker is someone who challenges the definition of success, changes the way things are done, and discovers something worth sharing.

The Fresh Grounds video series celebrates the stories of those who display passion, grit and determination in their everyday lives, and redefine what it means to fill your cup.

Episode 1

Travis Perkins

Photographer. Adventurer. Ground Breaker.
Travis Perkins is a photographer who embraces the freedom of a nomadic lifestyle. His home base alternates between Austin, Texas and his 2016 Tacoma, but he hasn’t always been chasing his passions in four-wheel drive.

After graduation Travis began to successfully climb the corporate ladder, but two years ago he sensed something was missing. In a groundbreaking life shift, he traded his suit and tie for a camera and hiking boots and answered his calling to photograph the people, and landscapes of Southern Colorado.
His photography features people who take risks every day to scratch their adventurous itch. His “rise with the sun” mantra is fueled by his own ambitious nature and, of course, coffee. Travis is an avid user of the ESPRO Ultralight travel press which is light enough to carry in his pack of equipment.
"I can’t think of a morning that I haven’t started with coffee in the past 6 years."
-Travis Perkins

Episode 1: Travis Perkins

Episode 2

Miki Sawada

Musician. Runner. Ground Breaker.
Miki's journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit of self-driven ambition. With her trusty piano in tow, she ventures far from the hallowed halls of Carnage Hall, embarking on a mission to introduce fresh musical and creative expressions to unfamiliar southern communities. Her unwavering goal? To bridge divides and unite people through the transcendent power of music.

However, Miki's path is no walk in the park. Along the way, she confronts a myriad of challenges, grapples with discomfort, and faces the enigmatic fears of the uncharted. Yet, it's precisely these trials that fuel Miki's resolve.
In the midst of her quest, amid the rhythm of routine and the harmonies of music, Miki discovers not only the beauty of connection but also a deeper understanding of herself. This is the extraordinary journey of a woman who, through music, seeks to break barriers and find her own symphony in the heart of the unknown.
"You really don't find out the core of like your pursuit or who you are as a person unless you really get out of your comfort zone."

Episode 2: MIKI Sawada

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