P0 Ultralight Travel Coffee Press


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Enjoy cafe-worthy coffee on the go with the lightest travel press on the market. Made with vacuum-sealed, double-walled stainless steel and our patented brewing technology that keeps your coffee tastier and hotter for hours longer, this travel press promises smoother, grit-free batches without over-extracting your grounds. And, like all our French presses, the P0 Ultralight Travel French Press contains all our patented brewing technology—like dual micro-mesh filters—that promise the perfect batch of coffee in just four minutes.

  • KEEP THE GOOD IN AND THE GRIT OUT: ESPRO French Presses (yes, even the travel ones) use not only one but two mesh filters to strain your coffee grounds, resulting in smoother, grit-free coffee
  • CAFÉ-LEVEL FLAVOR FOR LONGER: A silicone lip lines the dual micro-mesh filters to create a tight seal when you press the plunger down. This seal dramatically slows down extraction of your coffee —so your brew doesn't get bitter over time, like most French Presses.
  • MINUTES TO SMOOTH COFFEE: Our unique technology works in harmony to streamline the brewing process, making it easy to brew café-worthy coffee in just four minutes at home.
  • DOUBLE-WALL DURABILITY: Two layers of stainless steel not only look sleek but keep coffee warmer for longer so that you can keep on doing what you love wherever you are.
  • PAPER FILTER COMPATIBLE: Pour-over, oil-free tasting coffee or flavorful tea has never been easier to achieve at home than when you add a paper filter to your ESPRO French press brewer between the dual micro-mesh filters. Pssst, ESPRO's paper filters are sold separately and compostable!
  • SUPERIOR SERVING SIZES: There's a science to fueling on the go and we've got it figured out. Our travel presses make 12 oz. of coffee and hold 16 oz. when filters are removed.
  • THE PERFECT ACCESSORY: The P0's easy-grip handle fits right in your hand or can be clipped to backpacks and purses for hands-free caffeination.
  • TEA FILTER COMPATIBLE: Each travel press is tea filter compatible so you can take your favorite tea on the go. Filters sold separately.
  • Dimensions: 2.9" L x 2.9" W x 9.2" H
  • Weight: 9.6 oz.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene
  • Made in China
  • Tea micro-filter sold separately
  • Paper filters sold separately
"The ESPRO Ultralight Coffee Press PO is a to-go mug that was designed to brew coffee on the go"



Ready for Life's Adventures

Whether you are backpacking, rock climbing, or beach bumming, the Ultralight is ready to go wherever life takes you.


Our French press technology is engineered to work in perfect harmony to bring you smoother, grit-free coffee that’s delicious from the first drop to the last.

Patented double micro-mesh filters strain coffee grounds through filters that are 9-times and 12-times finer than typical French presses in order to prevent grit from entering your coffee.


Our double micro-filter is surrounded by a silicone lip that runs along the rim, so it fits snugly inside the container and creates a vacuum seal. When you press the plunger down, extraction stops immediately—so your brew is consistent from the first pour to the last.

The Perfect Companion

Our durable, looped handle cover is truly the cherry on top of our Ultralight P0 Travel Press. Its ergonomic design and premium materials allow you to securely clip your Ultralight P0 to your bag or backpack and provides an easy grip for on-the-go caffeination so you never have to reach far for the perfect cup of coffee.