What do You Get the Coffee Lover Who Has Everything?

What do You Get the Coffee Lover Who Has Everything?

Spoiler alert: Best holiday gift ever.

You know those people who make holiday gifting so hard because they literally have everything?! Looking for a new idea that’ll be sure to impress and make you look like the best gift giver ever? Check out our Coffee Tasting Cups. 


Just like there are different glasses for wine and beer, ESPRO has expertly designed different cups so you can enjoy your brew to the fullest. Depending on the color, texture and shape of your coffee cup, you may actually taste different notes in your coffee. This whole philosophy is based on science, and for true coffee lovers, it can add to an even better tasting experience.  

Although you can buy sets for espresso, latte, cappuccino and coffee, we love the ESPRO Coffee Tasting Cup Set because you’ll get one of each cup plus a super-luxe acacia wood tray for serving. And we’re not the only ones who love it — just a few months after launching, this won the Best New Product award from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) at this year’s World of Coffee event in Berlin.  

These shapes also amplify the most prominent flavors found in coffee — fruity, spicy, cocoa and floral, which in inspired by the SCA’s Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel (learn more about all that cool stuff in our blog!). So if you pour the same brewed coffee into each cup, each will taste slightly different (we know, mind blown!).  

The ESPRO Coffee Tasting Cup Set makes a great gift because it gives the gift of amazing coffee and the ability to taste all four flavors. And hey, if you decide this would be a great gift for you, too, we aren’t judging.  

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