Twelve Drinks of December: Drink Seven

Twelve Drinks of December: Drink Seven

12 Drinks of December


We’re teaming up with some of our friends in coffee, cooking, and spirits to bring you 12 different holiday coffee recipes using our products!


Drink Seven: Merry and Bright


George Howell Coffee's Merry and Bright  is their riff on a hot toddy made with their own Guduba Medium Ethiopian coffee (instead of tea) and Bourbon! They originally made the drink using the Press P5, but we’ve scaled it here for the Ultralight Press. You can use regular honey but they had Ethiopian honey they sourced and it's a lot more floral, adding some extra brightness to this drink. Scroll below to see the recipe!




  • 7 Raspberries
  • 0.3oz Lemon Juice + peel for garnish
  • Orange Bitters - 2 dashes
  • Ethiopian Honey - 0.5oz
  • Bourbon - 0.3oz
  • Ethiopian Coffee - 34g dose
  • Water heated to 205 degrees F




  • Muddle raspberries in base of ESPRO Press, add lemon juice and let sit while you prepare coffee.
  • Add 34g coffee to ESPRO press, brew to the MAX COFFEE line. Steep for 4 minutes and press. 
  • In glass, add Bourbon, honey, and orange bitters, stir well.
  • Pour 7oz of prepared coffee over Bourbon/honey mix, stirring well to incorporate.
  • Express lemon peel over drink and serve with twist of lemon.