This Just In! ESPRO’s Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

This Just In! ESPRO’s Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

Holiday gifting doesn’t have to be hard. Case and point: ESPRO’s line of products for the coffee lovers in your life. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much everyone.   

For the Hostess with the Mostess 


It’s the king of all French presses for a reason – our ESPRO Coffee French Press P7 is the perfect blend of performance and style. Yes, it looks great on a countertop (so much so that they’ll want to leave it out 24/7). But even more than that, it makes the perfect cup of coffee.   

That’s because it has two interlocking mesh filters that trap coffee grounds (i.e., grit) not once, but twice. Now that’s tech you can taste.  



For the Coffee Lover (Who Has EVERYTHING) 


For those who are a little extra about their coffee, we created a line of coffee tasting cups to make enjoying the perfect brew an experience (check out how by visiting our brew guide). They’re designed to bring out the intrinsic flavors of your roast, so what you’re tasting is amplified. Our ESPRO Coffee Tasting Cup Set includes one of each design so they can enjoy their brew to the fullest.  



For the On-the-go Guy (or Girl)  


Being away from home turf shouldn’t prevent anyone from getting an amazing cup of coffee. That’s why we think everyone should have our ESPRO Ultralight Travel Coffee Press P0. That means fresh French press coffee whether they’re on a plane, train or automobile (or trekking up a mountain).  

We love how lightweight it is and how after you push the plunger down, extraction stops so you don’t have over-brewed coffee. Plus, it recently won TBD AWARD. Cheers to that!  



For Those That Want to Turn Heads  


There’s no question that the ESPRO BLOOM Pour Over makes great coffee (the secret is the patented 1500-hole microfilter designed in a beautiful spiral pattern). What you’ll taste is a full-bodied brew that holds its temp.  

But what makes this an especially great gift is that this pour over is a total showstopper. It looks super impressive when you’re making a cup of coffee (or something more special like this White Mocha Peppermint Pour Over coffee. But it couldn’t be easier to use, too.  



For Those That Like Their Coffee on the Rocks  


Cold brew has a cult following, and for good reason. No. 1, it’s amazing. And No. 2, the process of making cold brew takes away a lot of the bitterness and acidity so you don’t need cream and sugar to make it taste great. Our ESPRO Cold Brew Coffee Kit CB1 has everything you need to make insanely good cold brew. In fact, you’ll like this so much that you’ll want to borrow it from whoever you’re giving it to (the gift that literally keeps on giving!).