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The New Hygge - Why You Should Embrace Fika in 2022

Focusing on ourselves?? We'll (sip) to that!


‘Tis the season for wellness, caring about your health and focusing on YOU! (We can get behind that.) If you’re going to do one thing in 2022 to add a little wellness back in to your life, make it this: Embrace fika.

 You’ve probably heard of hygge, the Danish concept of enjoying a calm and comfortable environment with the people you love while finding comfort in great food, warm drinks, cozy blankets and warm candlelight.


Fika is similar (pronounced fee-ka), but it’s from Swedish culture and translates to “a coffee and cake break.” But it’s so much more than grabbing a slice and a to-go cup of coffee as you run out the door late for work.

Yes, fika does include coffee and cake (or other sweets). But it’s so much more than that. It’s the ritual, often a daily one, where friends and coworkers take the time to connect. It’s pausing for quality time in the middle of a crazy day to slow down and socialize. 

There are so many pros of embracing fika—besides a little caffeine kick and a sugar rush. It helps strengthen relationships, business and personal ones. And when people introduce this practice into the workplace, they’re actually more productive.

One way we can help you start a fika habit? Check out our ESPRO BLOOM Pour Over. Although it’ll help you make a barista-quality cup of coffee in two minutes, it’s the perfect tool to help you slow down and connect with those around you. It makes brewing coffee an experience, one that you can share with friends, family, coworkers, even the mail carrier…

Now the sweet to go with it? That’s all up to you!