Roaster Spotlight: Stone Creek Coffee

Roaster Spotlight: Stone Creek Coffee

Roaster Spotlight

As COVID-19 precautions close cafés and restaurants across North America, coffee roasters are losing substantial customers for their beans. Many roasters we’ve spoken with have committed to taking care of their employees however they can, but these businesses are facing a significant blow now that will set them back beyond the reign of this terrible virus.

So how can we, fans of great coffee, help roasters and their staff survive this struggle without leaving home? We can support our favorite roasters by buying their beans directly from their online stores. Since coffee is a food product, most roasters can continue operating as essential businesses.

Whether you buy from your local favorite, or you’re interested in trying new roasters, we urge you to support the coffee community and buy direct. Many also have virtual tip jars where you can further help furloughed employees.

In the spirit of #CoffeeTogether, ESPRO is starting a roaster spotlight, where we feature a roaster we love. If you have recommendations for roasters to feature, please DM us on Facebook or Instagram!

Stone Creek Coffee, Milwaukee, WI.

Stone Creek has been roasting coffee in Milwaukee (Algonquin for “The Good Land”) since 1993. They embody the “farm to cup” philosophy by not only sourcing over 85% of their coffee directly from farmers, but also by truly supporting its partners. From building wells in Burundi to organizing disaster relief in Guatemala, Stone Creek really knows what it means to be #CoffeeTogether.

What We’re Brewing

Green Dragon

This sweet, lightly roasted Costa Rican has a medium body and offers tasting notes of cashew, mandarin orange, and cocoa power.


This bright Burundian has a medium body and delivers complex floral and fruity notes.