Roaster Spotlight: Moving Coffee

Roaster Spotlight: Moving Coffee

Roaster Spotlight

In the spirit of #CoffeeTogether, we’re featuring some of our favorite coffee roasters so you know where to get exceptional coffee while you’re staying safe at home. Buy direct and consider leaving a virtual tip to help furloughed employees. Know a roaster we should feature? Shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Meet Moving Coffee - Vancouver, BC

Among the first licensed Q-Graders in Hong Kong back in 2012 and the 2nd place winner in the 2019 Canada Brewers Championship, Edmond Keung is serious about coffee. After years of consulting cafes, importers, and roasting companies, he and his wife decided to move specialty coffee forward by opening their own roastery and shop.

Moving Coffee began as a weekend pop-up, but in 2017, found its permanent home sharing space with Fife Bakery in the heart of Mount Pleasant. The location is small, but Edmond has developed a cult following that regularly calls Moving Coffee “one of the best coffee shops in Canada”.

If you’re in Vancouver, Moving Coffee is a can’t-miss shop to visit.

A Micro-Interview With Edmond

We sat down with Edmond to ask about what makes Moving Coffee so different.

Edmond, everyone in Canada knows that your coffee, both roasted and brewed, is exceptional. What’s your secret?

I don’t know if there’s any secret, but if we look back, we certainly went for specific professional training institutes like SCA and the Coffee Quality Institute for Q-grading. We also went through some national and world-level coffee focused competitions as a judge and as competitors. So it feels like everything adds up and we learn something new here and there.

How are you using your past experiences with q-grading and consulting to help make Moving Coffee such a beloved roaster?

My Q-grading experience allows us to trust our own sensory skills, rather than relying on external trends or voices. For example, we can tell the age of the coffee, and thus the flavor quality, so we can align our purchases with the right mindset

What’s something most coffee lovers forget about when they’re trying to brew A+ coffee at home?

Home users are generally trying to replicate a coffee experience from their favourite cafe, so they tend to ask lots of questions about the barista’s technique and recipe. But in reality, and to be superbly honest, home coffee equipment—especially grinders—works very differently than you find in a cafe, contributing to different results.

We believe it’s important to learn how to make the best cup at home for yourself, with your own equipment, rather than with someone else’s recipe. That way your brewing technique always works for you. Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all coffee brewing technique, as far as we know.

What’s coming up for you and Moving Coffee in 2020?

Hopefully we’ll be over with our current pandemic situation soon. Otherwise, we’re indeed lining up with a new phase of coffee offerings. Sadly, I can’t say much else about what we’re getting ready to launch—sorry, no spoilers!

What We’re Brewing

Ethiopia Sidamo Gora Kone Grade 1 Natural

This is the coffee that Edmond used to place 2nd in the 2019 Canada Brewers Cup Championship, and it shows. With notes of jasmine honey, muscat grape, and a winey acidity and aroma, it’s no surprise this coffee performed so well in the competition.

Morning Whiskey

Moving Coffee’s signature slow-drip cold brew coffee is unbelievably crisp and complex and comes in bottles so you can take and make it at home.

Ways To Connect With Moving Coffee

Moving Coffee is creating unique coffee videos that show you where each of their coffees come from and how to brew them. It’s a fascinating take on the standard brew guide video.

If you order 2 or more bags of coffee for brewing at home, Moving Coffee is currently offering free shipping across Canada. See their Instagram for details.