Roaster Spotlight: Methodical Coffee

Roaster Spotlight: Methodical Coffee

In the spirit of #CoffeeTogether, we’re featuring some of our favorite coffee roasters so you know where to get exceptional coffee while you’re staying safe at home. Buy direct and consider leaving a virtual tip to help furloughed employees. Know a roaster we should feature? Shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Meet Methodical Coffee - Greenville, SC

Methodical Coffee was started by three friends in February of 2015: David Baker, Will Shurtz, and Marco Suarez. The co-founders each had a complementary strength—operations and systems, coffee roasting, and branding and design—helping the company quickly make a name for itself as an institution in Southeastern US coffee culture.

The Methodical Coffee brand is now recognized all over the world with its watercolor imagery, fresh flowers, and spaces flush with natural light.

If you’re anywhere near Greenville, South Carolina, a trip to one of Methodical’s three locations is a must-do.

A Micro-Interview With Graham Peeples, Director of Beverage

We sat down with Graham Peeples, Methodical Coffee’s Director of Beverage, to ask about what makes Methodical so unique.

So what does a Director of Beverage do at a place like Methodical?

With Methodical being a multi-location company having an emphasis on consistency and quality control, my job takes on the role of a multi-location lead barista. A large portion of my job is spent on training our baristas, furthering education, dialing in coffees and heading up our cold brew production. 

What are one or two things about Methodical Coffee that make you really proud to work there?

I love the family environment and the fact that I know everyone who works for the company fairly well, even outside of coffee. Being able to walk into a shop and have personal friendships built with the people I work with is a great feeling, and it's even better when we get to invite new team members into that. 

I also love having the freedom to experiment, implement new systems, and the focus the company has on individual and collective growth.

Do you have a pandemic coffee tip for everyone trying to brew A+ coffee at home?

Experiment with your water temperature! When trying to nail down well-extracted coffee, water temperature can oftentimes make more of a difference then people realize, and it's fun to experiment with. Also, as your coffee ages a bit, try adding an extra gram or two to make up for any loss of flavor. 

What’s coming up for you and Methodical Coffee in 2020?

Currently our focus is directly on trying to take care of our staff, but aside from that we have high hopes to continue expanding our cold brew operations to offer more options to our wholesale partners and consumers.

What We’re Brewing

Kenya, Nyeri Hill Estate AB

This is the Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee that Graham brewed in our Instagram Live with Methodical Coffee. Grown on one of Kenya’s oldest coffee farms, Nyeri Hill, this coffee features notes of ripe plum, sweet apricot, and bergamot tea.

Mexico, Ozolotepec Especial

We love this bean from Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most environmentally and climatically diverse states. The plant that grew this coffee is from the Pluma varietal, a local mutation of the more common Typica varietal. With notes of hazelnut, amaretto, and lime, it makes an exceptionally smooth brew with just the right amount of acidity.

Ways To Connect With Methodical Coffee

Methodical is roasting and shipping fresh coffee at full-speed, and online orders are going out daily. Try Methodical here.

If you’re in the area, Methodical’s three locations are currently open. There’s limited indoor seating, but all three locations have Curbside Pick Up available.

And if you’d like to watch our Instagram Live with Graham, you can find that here.

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