Irish Coffee: ESPRO Bloom Pour Over and Glendalough Whiskey

Irish Coffee (Pour Over-Style)

Here’s a drink to celebrate Irish Coffee Day (and continue drinking all winter long): Irish Coffee. Made with our ESPRO BLOOM Pour Over, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself and guests after dinner.

Irish Coffee is actually a drink from the 1950s that gained worldwide popularity when a group of Americans landed in Limerick, Ireland. As the tale goes, after an impossibly long 18-hour flight, they went to a pub and were treated to this classic drink: piping hot coffee mixed with brown sugar and Irish whiskey (not Scotch!) with a super thick layer of cream on top. Although there are some tips and tricks to getting the cream juuussst right, like using a heated spoon to pour the cream into the coffee, this drink is super simple to make and will impress just about everyone (booze + caffeine … what’s not to love?!).


Irish Coffee: ESPRO Bloom Pour Over and Glendalough Whiskey


Makes 2 servings


  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 6 tablespoons Irish whiskey (Glendalough Double Barrel Whiskey)
  • 3 tablespoons finely ground coffee (coarsely ground if you’re not using a paper filter)
  • Heavy cream


1. Start by placing the brown sugar and Irish whiskey in the bottom of the carafe (Our favorite whiskey: Glendalough Double Barrel Whiskey.).

2. Next, place the ESPRO Bloom Pour Over on top of the carafe, and insert a pre-wet paper filter (only if you want to!) for quick cleanup.

3. Add your coffee grounds inside the paper filter and pour in 1.7 ounces of hot water that’s 195-205 degrees in a circular motion (Pro tip: A gooseneck kettle is perfect for this because you can control where the water goes more easily, and it’s a slower pour.).

Irish Coffee: ESPRO Bloom Pour Over and Glendalough Whiskey


4. Wait 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom before adding another 11 ounces of hot water. As the coffee drips down into the carafe, it’ll mix with the brown sugar and whiskey to warm everything up.

 5. Remove the BLOOM Pour Over by the silicone lip (safety first!) and give the coffee a quick stir to make sure everything has mixed together before dividing your carafe of coffee into two clear coffee cups (so you can see the layers).

Irish Coffee: ESPRO Bloom Pour Over and Glendalough Whiskey


6. Next, whip your heavy cream with a stand or hand mixer until soft peaks form. Place unto our ESPRO Toroid Frothing Pitcher. Then pour some boiling water into a metal spoon, dump it out and repeat the process a few times. (Pro tip: This is how you heat the spoon, which is essential to make sure the cream stays in a thick layer on top and doesn’t mix in with the coffee.) From here, pour the cream over the spoon into the coffee until you have an inch or so of cream covering the top. Cheers!

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