Perfect pairings

Perfect pairings

Complement your ESPRO coffee gear with these essential accessories


Great coffee starts with quality beans, but using the rights tools will elevate your brew to tasty new heights. Here are some of our favorite must-have accessories:


1. Grinder: Baratza Sette


A consistent grind size—whether fine for espresso or coarse for a French press—creates a more balanced flavor in your brew. Conical burr grinders like the Baratza Sette 30 produce more uniformity by crushing and squeezing the beans between metal burrs. By comparison, blade grinders simple “chop” beans (much like a food processor), often leaving larger particles among the finer grinds.


2. Scale: Acaia Pearl


Why weigh your coffee? Like grind size, measuring by weight (not volume) is all about accuracy and replicating quality results. The  Acaia Pearl digital scale is ultra-sensitive and can detect fluctuations in weight that result from evaporation and temperature. Not ready to commit to a scale? A tablespoon will do the trick.


3. Kettle: Fellow Stagg EKG


A gooseneck kettle—named for its signature narrow spout—offers the best way to control variables such as water temperature, in addition to your pour. The stylish Stagg EKG by Fellow is designed with a precision spout and counterbalanced handle, enabling you to slowly pour in a concentrated area and manage coffee saturation to make that perfect pour-over brew.


4. Cleaners


We can’t emphasize this enough: keep your gear clean. Think about the oils in coffee and calcium and other minerals in water that build up during daily use. Not only does regularly cleaned equipment last longer, it makes better-tasting coffee. No exceptions!

  • ESPRO Press: ESPRO’s Deep Clean

Even ESPRO’s precision micro-filters in our French presses need a little TLC to keep working at their best. A simple soak (no scrubbing required) is all it takes for our ESPRO Deep Clean  formula to dissolve buildup in 30 minutes.

  • Espresso machine group head: Urnex Cafiza

Lingering old coffee grounds and oils can affect the taste of your espresso—in a bad way. Urnex Cafiza is a powerful cleaning powder designed for backflushing your machine’s group head (the part through which water and espresso come out of the machine) to make sure each shot tastes optimal.

  • Espresso machine steam wand: Urnex Rinza

Wiping down your steam wand after each use is essential, but Urnex Rinza goes deeper to dissolve calcium and other buildup on equipment used for frothing milk such as steel pitchers.