French Press vs. Pour Over

French Press vs. Pour Over

What's the difference between the 2 methods?

Lots of customers ask us why press coffee tastes different than pour over coffee. We love that you notice the difference and share our curiosity about coffee.

Pour Over

 Pour over is a brew method regarded as a ritual that offers a clean cup of coffee. This manual drip style relies on a paper filter, and you brew by slowly pouring hot water over coffee grounds. The paper effectively absorbs any oils present, leaving little aftertaste on your palate.

How to Brew Pour Over Coffee 

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French Press

French press is a full-emersion brew method that’s user-friendly. Add hot water to the coffee grounds, and let it brew for 4 minutes. It utilizes a metal filter, meaning any oils present in the coffee are retained, giving a full-bodied flavor and syrupy mouthfeel.

To experience the best of both worlds, ESPRO created paper filters as an accessory to any ESPRO press. This combined filtration offers the cleanest cup of coffee.

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker 


The result is a richly flavored, super aromatic cup of coffee without the usual silt in the bottom. The press isn't just for coffee, either—there's also a tea filter available that isolates tea leaves to prevent oversteeping. Martha Stewart