The ESPRO Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide: 2020 Holiday Edition

The ESPRO Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide: 2020 Holiday Edition


Coffee and holiday gifts always go hand-in-hand. The nights get longer, the cold weather arrives, and a hot cup of coffee hits the spot just right—no wonder coffee gifts are so popular!

But with so many types of coffee brewers and beans, buying coffee gifts can be challenging. Especially if you’re buying for a superfan enthusiast.

We’re here to help you make the right choice for the coffee lover in your life. And we’ll do that by walking you through… 

  • Connoisseur-trusted coffee products and brands that make great gifts
  • The kind of coffee lover that each gift will pair best with
  • Tips of gifting coffee beans to preserve freshness and flavor

Let’s jump into the ESPRO Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide: 2020 Holiday Edition!


1. The Modern Coffee Lover’s French Press P6


Featuring either slick matt black or stainless steel coating, this double-walled, stainless steel french press looks stunning in any kitchen. Since there’s no breakable glass carafe, it’s a great fit for people who prefer to Buy It For Life, rather than re-buy it later if there’s an accident—a reliable, high-end french press at a middle-range price.

The French Press P6 also uses our award-winning double micro-filter, which is up to 12x finer than traditional french press filters. This means, when your coffee lover brews their next mug, they won’t have to worry about grit or sludge from tiny coffee grounds—it’s all filtered out!

  • Best for: Coffee lovers who have an eye for aesthetics, and want a durable steel press that’s not a shatter risk
  • Price: $99.95


“The double filter is awesome and makes drinking our coffee a better experience. Aesthetically the French press goes exactly with our kitchen. The handle is heavy duty and we just are super happy with this French press.” — Amazon Reviewer

Shop the ESPRO Press P6 here.


2. ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer


Making pour over coffee is often a frustrating experience for casual coffee lovers. The final mug tastes different from day-to-day, difficult techniques are required for a balanced flavor, and the experience is more stressful than relaxing. 

We partnered with experts, like Kaley Gann, the 2019 US Brewers Cup Champion, to design a new style of pour over brewer that brings the professional’s precision and consistency to the everyday coffee lover and helps them brew like a champ.

We call it the Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer, and here are just a few reasons it makes a great pour over gift.

  • Special brewing mechanics. The patented shape ensures a balanced extraction (balanced flavor) without requiring hard-to-learn techniques. It’s great for newcomers!
  • Fast, takes just 2 minutes. Pour over brewing sometimes looks like a big hassle. With the Bloom Pour Over, making a delicious cup or two is fast.
  • Dual filter modes. The built-in 1502-hole stainless steel filter brews a rich, full-bodied cup, but you can also use paper filters for a cleaner flavor. 

Because this coffee maker is so flexible, it’s a safe bet for both relative newcomers and pour over superfans. You can’t go wrong!

  • Best for: People who are curious about pour over coffee, and veteran coffee enthusiasts who have high expectations for their flavor.
  • Price: $34.95


“I’ve had this now for 6 weeks and have been using it daily. I love it! It produces wonderfully consistent cups of coffee, without any special skills or experience needed.” — Amazon Reviewer

Shop the ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer here.


3. The Beloved Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder


Our friends at Baratza have been making world-class coffee grinders for over twenty years, and their Encore grinder is undoubtedly one of the best grinders you can give (without breaking the bank).

The Encore has long been thought of as “the best entry-level burr grinder” for people who want their morning coffee ritual to be more than good, but exceptional. Featuring 40 grind settings, it’ll work with any coffee maker, from drip coffee pots, to french presses, and even home espresso makers.

  • Best for: Coffee lovers who either don’t have a home grinder, or who use a low-end “blade” coffee grinder (the kind with a single button)
  • Price: $149.00


“The Baratza Encore is the perfect marriage of inexpensive price and superior function. Right out of the box, the grinds were more consistent and perfectly sized than what had been coming out of the old grinder, and the espresso shots were some of the best I'd pulled in quite a while.” — Amazon Reviewer

Shop the Baratza Encore coffee grinder here.


4. Ultralight Press: The World’s Lightest French Press


Travel coffee has traditionally been “less-than” compared to coffee made at home or in the cafe. Instant coffee doesn’t quite satisfy, hotel coffee is questionable, and lugging a glass french press or pour over kettle around isn’t a great option.

That’s why we created the Ultralight Press, the world’s lightest french press, so anyone can make exceptional coffee on-the-go. It’s slim, so carrying it in a bag or backpack is a breeze, and the brewing process is so simple, 

  • Best for: Coffee lovers who need easy coffee on-the-go (field workers, outdoorsmen, business travelers, globetrotters) but don’t want to sacrifice flavor quality
  • Price: $44.95


“Why I haven't heard of this before is beyond me, but this thing is awesome! No mess, no fuss, easy cleanup, easy to use. Just press your coffee and leave it. Then Drink. I highly recommend.” — Amazon Reviewer

Shop the ESPRO Ultralight Press here.


5. Add Some Coffee Beans From These Award-Winning Roasters


No coffee gift is complete without a freshly roasted bag of coffee beans, but this is where many run into trouble. It’s tempting to buy a bag of coffee beans weeks before the gift-giving moment, but we suggest avoiding purchasing the coffee too far in advance.

Coffee beans are only at peak freshness and flavor for 2-4 weeks after being roasted. So if you’re the kind of responsible person who gets their shopping down a month in advance, we encourage you to wait on the coffee beans—at least a little while.

By waiting until the last moment to buy beans, you can ensure the coffee you’re giving is still ultra-flavorful when your recipient smells it for the first time. There are a few ways we suggest doing that:

  • Wait to buy coffee beans until 10-12 days before the gift-giving occasion
  • If you’re worried about shipping times, shoot a friendly email to the coffee roaster you’re buying from—they’re happy to help make sure you get what you need on time
  • Consider buying a gift card to the roaster, that way your coffee lover can order beans when they’re ready

We’d love to suggest some coffee roasters that are sure to delight every kind of coffee lover, from the casual fan to the elite enthusiast.

  • Deadstock Coffee Roasters — Our friends at Deadstock are unapologetically unique, but don’t let their sneaker-themed coffee shop deceive you. They’re expert roasters with a knack for exceptional coffee.
  • Ceremony Coffee Roasters — Ceremony Coffee’s team is stacked with award-winning, world-class baristas and roasters, including Kaley Gann, who helped us design the Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer. You can’t go wrong with any of their coffees—and picking out a bean from their “color picker” is a fun experience. See our Ceremony Coffee Roasters Spotlight.


That’s it for the EPSRO Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide! 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, filled with good memories and delicious coffee.

And let us know if you need any help picking a coffee gift!