Ditch the Pod! How to Make the Best Coffee (Solo-Style)

Ditch the Pod! How to Make the Best Coffee (Solo-Style)

There’s nothing worse than making a pot of coffee only to pour half of it down the drain because you drank less than you thought (or it got too cold) or throwing yet another single serve coffee brewing pod in the trash.

Thank goodness for more sustainable single-serve coffee makers. They help you make juuussst the right amount of coffee without any waste. Plus, they don’t take up precious counter space with a clunker of a drip or pod based coffee machine.

There are tons of options these days if you’re in the market for a single-serve coffee makers, but we’re partial to ESPRO. Patented designs. Proprietary technology. Amazing barista-style coffee. Check. Check. Check.

 ESPRO French Press P7 White

Best French Press: ESPRO P7 French Press Coffee Maker 


Our top-of-the-line French press is also made with an 18-ounce capacity, which makes it perfect for those who drink their coffee solo. It’s made with 100% stainless steel and has a double-insulated wall for ultimate heat keeping (no cold coffee over here). It’s also easy to use and was designed to look as good as it performs.

 ESPRO Bloom Pour Over

Best Pour Over: ESPRO BLOOM Pour Over


A single serving of coffee in two minutes? Sign us up. The BLOOM Pour Over may be tiny, but it’s mighty. Once you try it, you’ll be amazed that you can get coffee this good at home. The secret is in the design: our patented 1500-hole micro filter in a spiral pattern. This distributes the water evenly for optimal coffee flow (but we know all you’ll really care about is the ultra-smooth, full-bodied brew at the end).


ESPRO Travel Press


Best Compact: ESPRO P1 Travel French Press


Getting a great single-serve cup of coffee shouldn’t be limited to a kitchen. With our P1 Travel French Press, enjoy your favorite brew anywhere without sacrificing your love for French pressed coffee. It’s also vacuum insulated, so your drink will stay hot no matter where you are.


ESPRO Ultralight


Best Brew On The Go: ESPRO P0 Ultralight Travel Coffee Press


Lighter and with a bigger capacity than our P1, our Ultralight Travel Coffee Press P0 has all the great features you love from an ESPRO French press (like our patented double micro-filter brew system for grit-free coffee). And because it has a leakproof lid with a looped handle, you can easily carry this on a bike, car, boat…you get the idea.