Coffee Tasting Cups


Coffee takes a long journey to get to your cup, and the last step is matching the right cup to the intrinsic flavors of your roast. Follow these steps to enjoy the fullest flavor and an amplified coffee tasting experience using a coffee tasting cup set.


Step 1

Select. Tasters select great coffees with complex flavors. These are most often light and medium-roast, roasted within the last two weeks.

Step 2

Brew. Use your favorite method to grind and brew immediately before tasting. We’re partial to the ESPRO Press.

Step 3

Look. Observe the clarity of the coffee. Pour a bit into your cup and let it cool to allow the flavors to emerge. What does it look like? Finish your pour, leaving the cup about 1/3 empty.

Step 4

Smell. Take in the aroma of your brew. Get close to your coffee and breathe in deeply 2–3 times. What aromas do you smell? This is a learning process, and you will get better with practice.

Step 5

Taste. Experience the flavor. Be mindful and in the moment. Have a sip and note what you taste. Close your eyes and have another sip. Do you taste anything different? Look back at the bag and see if what you’ve tasted is written on the bag.

Step 6

Explore. Consciously look, smell and taste again halfway through the cup. Different aromas and flavors will come out at different temperatures. Let it get cold and taste the last sip.