Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide



Anytime is the right time to make a delicious pour over in the best pour over coffee brewer we know, the ESPRO Bloom. This guide will serve as a Quick Start Guide to help you learn how to use your pour over coffee maker as soon as you unbox it!


  • Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer or Bloom Pour Over Brewing Kit 
  • Optional: Bloom Pour Over Paper Filters
  • Medium-fine ground coffee if brewing with the paper filter. Coarsely ground coffee if brewing without paper.
  • Boiling water in a Kettle

Step 1

Place ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Brewer on top of the glass carafe – if you don’t have the Bloom kit you can place the brewer on top of/over any mug you like.

Non-Kit User: For a better tasting cup of coffee, it is important to know how much liquid your mug can hold. Use a measuring cup to determine where your 1 ¼ and 2 ½ cup measurements are.

Step 2

Add a Bloom paper filter to your Bloom Pour Over Brewer – for a super clean brew and easy clean up.

Pro Tip: Don't have a Bloom paper filter? Don't stress! You can use the Bloom with or without the paper filters.

Step 3

Use the Bloom Spoon to measure out a single or double cup of coffee. One serving = 3 scoops of coffee; two servings = 6 scoops of coffee. Add the scoops of coffee into the Bloom Paper Filter or if not using the paper filter, directly into the Bloom Brewer.

Non-Kit User: Fill grounds into the Bloom Brewer up to the single or double dot marks on the inside of the Bloom Brewer to make a single or double serving.

Step 4

Boil the water. Then Start pouring the hot water over your coffee grounds in your Bloom Brewer. For your first pour, add in enough water to get the grounds fully saturated and let them sit for 30-40 seconds.

Pro Tip: Boiling water is 212°F, but the ideal temperature to make Pour Over coffee is 195-205 °F, so let your boiled water sit a few moments to bring it down a few degrees.

Step 5

Continue pouring water over your coffee grounds in the Bloom evenly in circles until the water meets the corresponding dot level to the grounds you added to the brewer. 1 dot for a single serving, 2 dots for a double serving.

Non-Kit User: For a single serving, continue to pour water over your grounds until you hit your pre-identified 1 ¼ cup mark on your mug or 2½ cup mark for a double serving.

Step 6

The stainless-steel brewer will be hot so hold onto the thermal sleeve when removing the Bloom Pour Over Brewer from your carafe or coffee mug. Step 7 If you are using the Bloom Kit, simply pour the coffee from the glass carafe into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Pro Tip: Visit our blog for recipe ideas to take your Bloom Brewer Pour Over to the next level.