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Toroid Frothing Pitcher


Sale price$24.95

They say life imitates art, and here at ESPRO we believe your morning coffee should be no different. Our Toroid Frothing Pitcher makes it easier than ever to make barista-level microfoam so that you can create latte art that moves you (and tastes good too!).

  • EASY FOAM EVERY TIME: Do you believe in magic? Simply point your milk frothing wand at the center of the pitcher and watch your milk turn into micro-foam.
  • SPOIL YOUR TASTE BUDS: Our pitcher's wide bell shape helps liquid circulate more freely resulting in creamier, shinier, and tastier steamed milk.
  • SCULPTED SPOUT: Latte art doesn't have to be complicated. Our pitcher's pointed spout helps you pour more precisely for more complex, detailed art.
  • EASY MEASURING SYSTEM: Etched fill lines inside the pitcher help you reduce milk waste and make measuring a breeze.
  • FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE: Our frothing pitcher comes in two sizes so that you can decide which accessory best fits your caffeine routine.
  • DURABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made of durable stainless steel, our scratch and dent resistant frothing pitcher is designed to keep your lattes topped with delicious micro foam for years to come.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Made in China
"The Espro Toroid milk jug is designed with a unique shape to help produce the perfect vortex when you are steaming milk so you can create incredibly fine and consistent microfoam."

-The Coffee Folk

Be Your Own Barista

Who says that you need to go to a coffee shop, and pay coffee shop prices, for beautiful, delicious latte art? Simplify the process of at-home frothing with our stainless steel Frothing Pitcher that features a unique pointed spout and sculpted base that allows you to make micro foam in seconds and pour it out precisely so you can create the complex designs of your dreams.

Point and Poof!

It’s like magic! Simply aim your frothing wand at the dimple in the center of the pitcher and watch as milk rolls outward in a 360° doughnut shape, yielding barista-quality milkfoam right from home.

Pour Precisely

Put your barista-level milk foam to good use with our pointed spout that allows you to pour precisely, creating the latte art of you (and your taste buds’) dreams.

Minimize Milk Waste

Our frothing pitcher’s clearly-marked fill lines help you figure out exactly how much milk you need to dress up your daily cup o’ joe so you don’t waste a single drop in your milk carton.